Snazzy Wood Ties

Unique Hand Crafted Wooden Bow Ties

Bow ties are in! Isn’t it great?

Finally you don’t have to be accused of emulating Les Nessman when you wear one of these hip fashion statements.
There are some wooden bowties out there but, pardon the pun, they’re so….wooden.
Well the artisans at Snazzywoodties craft our wood ties with such skill and attention to detail that people often don’t realize at first that you’re wearing a tie made of wood. Yet the beautiful colors, textures, and grain of fine woods can’t be replicated in any other material. Wearing one of these jewel-like accessories, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.
Alfred Sharp, one of the foremost furniture makers of our day, has leapt onto the sartorial scene with these unique fashion accessories.
The ties are very lightweight and easy to put on and wear. They’re very durable, and we offer so many color and pattern choices that anyone can have a wooden tie that compliments his or her own look.

Tie Styles Available